Soup might be perfect meal in a bowl. Simmer a pot on the stove and you will end up with something healthy that’s filled with plenty of vegetables. This collection of soup recipes includes versions of the classics like roasted tomato soup and vegetarian minestrone packed with beans, kale and pasta.

Find vegan options like chickpea soup, roasted asparagus soup, cauliflower white bean soup and golden beet soup. Some have pureed veggie bases and others stick to just vegetable broth.

If you have more time, try slow-cooker recipes like lentil tortilla soup and Moroccan chickpea stew where it’s about letting this handy small appliance do most of the work to bring out the flavors of the ingredients.

And don’t forget spicy soups with a kick such as three bean chili, chile verde and chipotle butternut squash soup. They give you twice the heat and warmth.